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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The EU Constitution: America Must Beware – Heritage Foundation - Dr. Liam Fox – June 22

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Today’s lecture was very well-done. Dr. Fox is a member of the Conservative Party and House of Commons in Britain. It was clear from the beginning that he is no fan of the EU Constitution. He mentioned that he and his fellow Englishmen are very opposed to the EU acting as an independent state. They are uncomfortable with the idea of the EU making treaties that would bind England or performing any other action that would excessively interfere with British affairs. Dr. Fox sees the Constitution as the antithesis of the US Bill of Rights. While the Bill of Rights uses negative language to limit the power of the state, the EU Constitution uses positive language and speaks of the institution's rights instead of citizen’s rights. Fox fears that the EU sees itself as a European rival to the US, and he indicated that several EU members harbor anti-American sentiment. Thus, reform of the EU is essential to US interests. The EU and its single currency, says Fox, will bring about economic crisis that could serve as a breeding ground for extremists who may find a home in terrorist camps. I found Dr. Fox’s presentation to be quite impressive and his arguments very convincing. America should take a serious look at the European Union, it's Constitution, and the direction it is going.


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