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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Congressman Dave Weldon - June 23

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Earlier this morning, my fellow interns and I had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Dave Weldon. I had done a fair bit of research on his background beforehand, and I was anxious to speak with him. A Republican, Congressman Weldon strongly supports the War on Terror. Also, being a physician by trade, he is very conservative in “family” or “life” issues. He is strongly Pro-Life. The Congressman worked to illegalize partial-birth abortion, ban cloning, and end embryonic stem cell research, and he was also a strong defender of Terry Schiavo. I wanted very much to commend the Congressman for his work on these issues. Unfortunately, his schedule is very busy and he was only able to entertain a few questions.
I did get the opportunity to ask the Congressman for his assessment of the War in Iraq. His answer was twofold. Congressman Weldon believes the war has two “fronts,” so to speak. On one hand we have the actual combat, and on the other there is the battle for public opinion. According to the Congressman, while we are making great progress in the former, we are not doing as well in the latter. Dr. Weldon pointed out that we have had no major terrorist attacks on the US since 9-11 and that al-Qaeda has nearly been wiped out. Still, the Congressman believes that reconstruction in Iraq poses a difficult problem. We must work to prevent Iraq from evolving into a battleground between the Sunnis and Shiites, while not forgetting other strategic objectives.
Congressman Weldon is also of the opinion that the mainstream media is very much anti-Bush. They publish an inordinate number of negative stories regarding Iraq. The media has also failed to point out the economic successes our country has enjoyed – specifically the low unemployment and a record number of minorities owning a home - which Weldon believes are a result of the President’s tax cuts. The final issue that Congressman Weldon touched on was Social Security. He mentioned the fact that Franklin Delanor Roosevelt - and now Alan Greenspan - argued that the system is unsustainable in its present form. Congressman Weldon believes introducing personal accounts would be a positive step in reforming the current system.
To wrap things up, I just want to mention once again my admiration for the Florida representative and the strong positions he has taken on such controversial issues. Congress needs more men like him.


Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Isn't it sad that we must have a "battle for public opinion" regarding the war. What ever happened to good old fashioned patriotism that supported the good first before addressing the ills of a society. A state can never remain strong when her media's favorite task is criticizing the current administration. Media should be objective and provide a forum for public debate, but it would be a refreshing change to see the overall tone speak more possitively or, at least, hopefully.

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