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Monday, June 20, 2005

Civilian Contractors Who Cheat on Their Taxes – June 16th - Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

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This morning we attended a hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. The topic wasn’t particularly interesting, but it was a great experience to be among senators, press, and important political figures of Washington. The hearing opened with statements by several of the committee members. These statements gave some basic information on the topic of contractors cheating on their taxes. One senator informed the audience that, “It is illegal for contractors not to submit their taxes,” and “Tax chiseling is not a new story.” Another senator declared that, “Federal contractors must be held accountable for their actions.” Of course I agreed with all of these statements, but they seemed rather obvious. The Senators and the witnesses, who were later sworn in, did delve deeper into the issue. It was at this point that the hearing became much more engaging. The dialog between the senators and the witnesses was much more interesting that the senators individual declarations. I mean no disrespect to the senators, but all three that read statements said the same thing. It was when the witness testified that everyone began looking for a solution to the problem. Prosecution of high-profile delinquent contractors was one obvious but very important step. The Committee also seemed anxious to tighten regulations that had previously allowed sneaky contractors to slip thru the cracks with millions of government dollars. The trip to the Senate was an interesting experience. I’m looking forward to visiting again – hopefully when a more exciting issue is being addressed.


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